Courtney Mason’s fashion journey began at The Gordon where in 2015 she completed her Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology, after a few years of working in the film industry Courtney thought It was time in 2019 to broaden her skills and travel to The Paris American Academy to continue her skills in corsetry and bustiers in a one month summer school course.


It all started when covid hit. Courtney was working in the costume department on the film set of Wentworth when it was announced that Melbourne would go into lockdown. Filming was stopped and all staff were all sent home until further notice.

With the unknown of when staff would go back to work and unable to get any government assistance, Courtnet began to wonder. Could she create a job for herself, and ensure some job security?

Courtney had already had been running a successful wedding dress alterations business for about a year from home in her spare time for brides purchasing from Embrace Bridal Boutique.

With weddings cancelled and no film work, lockdown gave Courtney time to think. I wonder if Kristy has ever wanted to do her own bridal range for the store?

The idea was to keep it local, which meant buying fabric within Melbourne, and manufacturing at home in Geelong. Typical turn around times could be quicker and there was no hassle of dealing with overseas suppliers or relying on shipping and freight. If worse came to worse materials could be picked up personally in Melbourne.

Together Courtney & Kristy worked out what the store was missing and designed a range of interchangeable separates. It means that women can design their own wedding dress look from a range of pieces, creating 35 different looks!
Brides will be able to create one look for the ceremony and then change it up for the reception, by changing a skirt or top.